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Bridal Showers

Bridal Showers at Color Café

Love and Marriage…

Hand-painted crockery makes a very special and personal gift for the wedding couple.

The bride, or bridesmaids, usually prefer to come in a week beforehand to choose the items they want everyone to paint. A nice idea is a 6/8 piece dinner or tea service which allows each person to finish one item in their own special way. Alternatively platters, casserole dishes, vases or jars make fantastic wedding gifts.

For a more homogeneous look the bride might prefer to choose a colour palette to coordinate the pieces and let everyone do their own design, or have guests trace the same design onto each item which they can then colour in, adding their own special message for the happy couple on the base.

The other option of course is to just have a fun session and let everybody choose a piece they want to paint whilst we show them the techniques.

A special gift for the bride and groom Wedding memories from Color Cafe

a special gift for the bride and groom

Let us know if you have a specific theme in mind and we can source specific items for you.

Bring your own snacks and drinks for an extra-special, fun-filled time.

Huge thank you!

Dear Cilla and Team,

Gaby and all her friends would like to extend a huge big thank you for making her birthday so special xxx



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