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Corporate Functions

Team building with Color Café

Team building with Color Café

Color Café is the perfect venue for some relaxing, unstructured “right brain” activity after an entire week of “left brain” tasks! What’s more you’ll have something to show for it at the end of your session!

Adults have discovered what children have known all along: Color Café is the best place to de‐stress, relax and chat with your team-mates whilst engaging an overactive mind on the intricacies of mosaic making and ceramic painting! The Café is fast becoming a firm favourite among companies looking for a unique team‐building experience, with a growing number of corporates using the relaxed space to unleash their employees’ creativity.

The great mug exchange

This is where everybody draws a name out of a hat and is then required to paint a mug that best represents that person!


Rotate your piece

A fun way to break the ice for new team members! Everybody chooses a piece and begins to paint, they are then told to rotate their piece every ten minutes and at the end of the session everybody gets their piece back – a great way to get a sense of how your team “sees” you!



We can host you at our lovely café, alternatively we can come to your work place or venue with our “Mobile Café” if that is more convenient.

We will gladly open on any evening Monday to Thursday, from 6-9pm, to accommodate team buildings of 8 or more people.
Bookings are essential
Please contact us to discuss any further requirements you may have.
Venue fee for after hours functions:
8-10 people: R500 venue fee
10 plus people: R300 venue fee

Contact us to make your booking

We’re finding that our Café is enjoying increasing popularity with the corporate market. I think this is definitely because we offer a uniquely creative experience and a lovely inspiring setting that’s just so good for the soul.

Cilla Williamson – Color Café Owner

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Stunning Place

We came for a work teambuilding function today and it was absolutely AMAZING.

We all loved it & we had so much fun painting!!! I can't wait to come back with my mom and some friends :) :) :)

Thank you Color Cafe xoxo


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