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Paint the Sistine Chapel – or a tea pot

We were so excited to learn a few weeks ago that the cafe was featured by the team at as their “daily secret” #29. We have known for ages how much fun people have creating their painted ceramic or mosaic masterpieces at Color Cafe, and now happily more people in Johannesburg know it too.

Get Creative at the Color Cafe

“Explore my hidden talents”: Admit it, the box still isn’t ticked on that New Year’s resolution, is it? Well, no need to despair that it’s almost Easter and you still haven’t even Googled “Impressionist art classes”. Just stroll into Color Café, pick a plain bisque item, and Monet away. Elephants, cups, bowls, or tea pots — all you need to do is paint them. When you’re satisfied with your final product (as much as a true artist can be, of course), leave it with the café staff to glaze and bake. Ten days later, you can collect your chef-d’oeuvre. When you do, why not sit down and create another? After all, that’s what resolutions are for.

P.S. If you’re comfortable with your ornament-painting skills, why not try mosaicing? It could be a talent, too.

Link is here| article in PDF is here

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cafe! What will YOU create next?

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Lovely Time!

Hannah had a lovely party with her friends on Saturday afternoon. The staff were attentive and very pleasant.

All the girls had such a good time, thank you so much for such a wonderful venue.


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