School Ideas

The end of the school year arrives and you need a great gift for your child's teacher

Before panic sets in why not visit Color Café?

  • A unique hand painted mug, plate or bowl made with love and gratitude by the scholar in question will be a perfect gift.

    Pop in some chocolates, wrap up in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and your gift is ready!

  • Collect funds from the class and purchase a large platter, salad bowl or biscuit barrel

    Have all the children in the class finger-paint it with their name, or let each child paint a designated area or colour-in an outlined design. Wrap up the finished item as a gift from the whole class. Another unique and useful handmade gift.

Color Café is fun and educational. Bring the kids for an outing and have them paint something as part of their arts & crafts lesson. They will learn something about the ceramic process as we can show them the kilns and explain the process.

Fundraising Ideas

Have all the children paint a tea set, or mugs and coffee pot, and put it up for auction to raise funds for a specific school requirement or class trip.

So many ideas……all around having fun and being creative.