“Art of showing authority”

Chris Thurman of the Business Day published an article a few month’s ago entitled “Art of showing authority two (paint-stained) fingers” which was about South African artist Candice Breitz’s exhibition … but went on to talk about his experience at our very own Color Café.

“The concept is simple: you choose a precast bisque piece for painting or an object for mosaicking, sit down at a table and lose yourself in the task. Once you’ve finished,
the ceramics stay behind for glazing and firing before you return to collect them.

What happens in between is pure magic. Call it art therapy, call it a ‘creative outlet’, call it what you will – the effect is a meditative practice in which colour, light and line combine to keep the outside world and its worries away.”

Link is here (premium content sorry)| article in PDF is here

So come and find your zen moment with us soon!